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What should I pay attention to when customizing the handrails of household stairs?

What should I pay attention to when customizing the handrails of household stairs?

    The armrest of the household stairs appears in a number of compound buildings, attics, villas, and self-built houses. The materials are mainly cement, marble, solid wood, stainless steel, glass, and new materials. Among them, stainless steel stair handrails are of various styles, giving people a sense of simple fashion and being able to match the home style well and get a lot of family likes. The handrail surface can also be made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is roughly composed of stainless steel and acid-resistant steel. It has good corrosion resistance and moisture resistance. And the stair pedal we can consider the glass material, it's light permeability, easy to clean later maintenance is simple.
   The stair armrest is an important factor that affects the overall home style, so it is important that the stair armrest style is consistent with the home style. Nowadays, the market is popular with simple, European-style decoration style, you can choose stainless steel stair armrest, stainless steel stair armrest has the characteristics of modern style and modern style and metal texture can also add European style. The decoration cost of stair armrest is relatively high so it must be carefully selected. The following points should also be noted when building a building with handrails after determining the style。
One: the angle of the stairs
   The angle of the stairs is the angle between the bottom of the stairs and the ground. The angle of the stairs directly determines the slope of the entire stairs. Too steep stairs will affect the safety of use. The slope of the indoor staircase is generally 20 degrees -45 degrees, of which the slope of about 30 degrees is the most suitable for people to use.

Two:stair width
    The width of the stairs generally depends on the use of the family. The width of the stairs in the general attic and duplex houses is 900mm-1000mm. The larger villa building can consider the width of the stairs according to the actual design of the house.

Three:step size
    The size of the ladder includes three factors: pedal width, length, and step height. The width and height of the pedal can make people feel the comfort of the stairs directly. For adults, the width of the pedal should not be less than 240mm. If conditions permit, the width can be determined between 280mm and 300mm. The height of the steps of the finished products received in the market is generally between 170mm and 210mm, and everyone can choose according to their most comfortable feelings.

    The above points hope to help you, friends who need to know about the stair armrest can directly open the consultation window our customer service will provide you with professional stair armrest knowledge solution. Staircase handrail style please pay attention to Foshan demose, specializing in stainless steel stair handrail production. Looking forward to your visit.