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Ultra-functional stainless steel staircase structure knowledge

Ultra-functional stainless steel staircase structure knowledge

    With the development of the economy and society, the people's income level has also been improved, and the requirements for building construction have also increased. In addition to providing practical stairs to the public, the current social production offers a wide variety of stairs. Below Dimes's small series to provide readers with some dry goods knowledge for reference.

    According to the shape of the appearance can be divided into: straight staircase, L-shaped staircase, U-shaped staircase, curved staircase, spiral staircase, mixed staircase, the display map is as follows (from left to right):


    According to the shape of the keel, it can be divided into: single steel plate keel, double steel plate keel, sleeve keel, and hidden keel. The display figures are as follows (listed from left to right):


    In the case of the construction space of the stairs and the high size of the floor, the stair style can be selected according to personal preference; however, if these two conditions are limited, the rotating building should be considered to save space. When choosing the style of the stairs and designing the stairs, you should also pay attention to the following points: clear the position of the stairs, sufficient light, reasonable structure, solid and practical, but also meet the requirements of safety and aesthetics; stairs used in public places, Traffic jams and congestion should also be avoided.

    The above is the brief analysis of the stairs, I want to know more about the dry goods knowledge of the stairs, readers can pay more attention to our official website, customers in need can also directly consult our online customer service.