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Three common pool railing types

Three common pool railing types

1. Floor-standing glass clip style:
    The floor-standing glass clips are round and square, and whether round or square, this pool railing is made up of floor-to-ceiling glass clips and glass. This shape is particularly simple and easy to install. Most customers choose this style. Of course, if the customer needs it, they can also install the handrail. Below are two floor-standing glass clip pool railings with handrails for your reference:
2. Grooved column style:
    The pool railings of the trough-column style, the trough tube is clamped into the glass by bilateral, which strengthens the firmness of the glass swimming pool guardrail. The uniform stainless steel grooved tube looks very beautiful and pleasing to the eye.
3. Ordinary style:
    The common style of swimming pool railings is also a common style of glass railings. It is only applied to the glass railings that are usually applied to balconies and stairs. This style of pool railing is made up of a variety of different stainless steel columns, stainless steel handrails and glass. Although this style does not seem to have two other simplicity, it seems to be more secure.