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The difference between a spiral staircase and an ordinary staircase

The difference between a spiral staircase and an ordinary staircase

    Folding ladders and curved staircases are the most common types of ordinary stairs in life. This type of ordinary staircase has a relatively early production process. Ordinary stair materials and styles can be applied in many types of buildings. Their styles have been widely used in the stair railing market
   With the continuous improvement of the stair railing market, the style of stair railings is increasing, and the spiral staircase is slowly becoming familiar with the emergence of duplex houses. Let's go and see the difference between a spiral staircase and an ordinary staircase.
   Ordinary stairs have large walking space and high safety. This kind of stair handrail can be made of cement foundation. The biggest special point of the concrete foundation stair is that it is very durable, the service life is very long, and the space of the stairs is relatively safe for the family with children. The shortcoming is that the space occupied is large, and it is not suitable for general duplex houses, but it is the first choice for public places.
   The style of the spiral staircase is fashionable and novel, and the stainless steel guardrail is simple and atmospheric. The common common rotating staircase aperture is between 1800mm and 2100mm. The excessively large aperture stairs may appear to be shaking. Rotating stairs compared to ordinary stairs saves space in the house.