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The agent shall have the conditions?

The agent shall have the conditions?

Commercial Spiral Staircase1) have a certain economic strength of the legal person or natural person, have sufficient funds as the initial investment.

2) engaged in construction, building materials, decoration industry, have relevant experience in marketing and management experience.

3) business heart is strong, the market keen eye, will be interested in the stairs as a long-term career development.

4) have a certain brand consciousness, can bear greater pressure on the market.

5) the heavy contract, Shou credibility, to actively maintain MOBO brands staircase and promotion efforts.

6) have good management and communication skills, have a certain cohesion, can organize strong teams.

7) there is a strong marketing capability, to vigorously develop the market.

8) have the personal social network is good, able to understand all aspects of information.

9) have a certain understanding of the staircase industry, and with the company of mutual understanding and mutual accommodation, and common progress.

10) can implement company policies, give support.