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The Construction Process of Balcony Railing

The Construction Process of Balcony Railing

Balcony is a special place in a house.Its uses can be either great or little.Some people will plant flowers and grasses on the balcony.Others will lay a chair similar to bench chair to enjoy the sunshine after lunch.Generally there will be guardrails on the balcony to prevent people from falling so the installation of guardrails is very strict.What follows is the construction method.

  Construction Method:

  1.The cleaning of the balcony panel basement

  Inspect the balcony railing panel,the beam and the line carefully before plastering.Mend the broken parts on the basement.Clean the galvanized iron wire,the dust and the grime on the panel basement.Then make rust removal and anti-rust treatment.

  2.The construction of balcony panel plastering

  Hang straight the projection of balcony panel with turnbuckles.Make sure the thicknesses of balcony panels,the beams and the lines of one floor are the same in the horizontal direction.And for different floors,they should also be the same in the vertical direction

  3.The fabrication of the sharp corners on both sides of balcony railing

  ①If both sides of the railing are panels,remember to fabricate fierce angles and hang straight and then decorate the exterior wall after determining the railing width.

  ②If one side of the panel is outside wall,leave installation holes of railing on the concrete basement of exterior wall.After finishing installing railings,repair and finish the exterior wall with heat preservation.

  4.The decoration of the panel,the beam and the line outside the balcony

  ①First fully batch the bonding agent on the panel.Then make marl biscuit and composite mortar and screed-coat with a ratio of 1:1:4.The thickness of screed-coat shouldn’t be over 15mm.Putty two times and the interval time shouldn’t be less than 24 hours.Then putty batch for two times and paint exterior wall coating.Synchronize the construction of exterior wall anti-crack mortar,exterior wall putty and coating after finishing inlaying anti-crack mortar.The balcony panel needn’t do exterior insulation and anti-crack mortar.

  ②Line out the drip line at the exterior aperture of balcony panel.Inlay plastic drip line with 15mm width of high and low line tank.All the drip lines should be rendered with clear water.

  5.The installation of prefab balcony railing

  The balcony railing must be installed by professional construction enterprise.Pull the line through and hang straight to guarantee the horizontal line same up and down.The height of handrail shouldn’t be less than 0.9m.The height of guardrail shouldn’t be less than 1.05m and the distance between railings shouldn’t be over 0.11m.Check that the quantity,the specification,the position of embedded parts of guardrail and handrail and the joint of guardrail and embedded parts are all in accordance with the design requirements.Drive expansion screws into reserved panel and exterior wall concrete basement and fix them firmly.

  6.The painting of the inside and the top of balcony panel

  ①Water with overnight water before painting the wall.Spring the vertical line at the external corner.The painting thickness should be uniform.The height of finished painting surface of balcony panel shouldn’t be less than 1.10m.Paint the inside and top of balcony panel with clean water.The finished product is required to be protected strictly for fear of unnecessary reworking.The reserved height of skirting line should be 200mm over the ground.Paint with cement mortar skirting line after the ground is finished and the net height should be 120mm.

  ②The painting standard of balcony panel:no hollow,crack dust and print;clean with uniform color and depth;the joint with exterior wall should be leveling.