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Steel-wood staircase and solid wood staircase

Steel-wood staircase and solid wood staircase

Steel wood staircase
    The steel-wood staircase is a staircase made of steel and wood. The surface of the staircase is painted and dried, making the surface of the staircase more shiny, the color of the paint more uniform, and the wood. The lines are also more clear. This type of staircase is more liked by the younger generation.
Steel wood staircase price
    The price of such stairs is also a concern of many people. There are three ways to calculate the price of stairs on the market: pricing by set, pricing by step, and pricing by parts. The price of such a staircase, regardless of the pricing method, is higher than the average staircase, because the material used is expensive and the cost is high.
Solid wood staircase introduction
    The average Chinese is a stairway that prefers solid wood, especially those who prefer simplicity and love to be noble. The wood grain of this kind of stairs is cleaned, the color is brighter, and it also gives off a woody scent, which also gives a comfortable feeling visually.
Solid wood staircase price
    This solid wood staircase is divided into pedals and risers, in addition to marble steps, their charges are different. The pedals and the vertical panels are charged for a whole set, but if it is a marble stepped staircase, you only need to calculate the price of the fence, and the price will vary according to the design of the pattern and the materials used.
Comparison of solid wood stairs and steel wood stairs
    Solid wood stairs and steel wood stairs are different. When purchasing the products of this kind of stairs, the purchaser should consider the purchase in many aspects, such as the age of the person used, the overall decoration style of the whole house, and the like.

    The solid wood staircase and the steel-wood staircase have their own characteristics, and the styles and styles are also very different. They can be selected according to their own preferences.