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Steel and Glass Stair

Steel and Glass Stair

    There are always people choosing steel and glass stair. Now the steel and glass stair is mostly adopted steel as stringer,combined with wooden treads and glass railing, beautiful and novel. This kind of stair abandons the stereotype of traditional stair, showing its fashion perfectly.  

Case One:

    The arc-shaped steel and glass stair,with the beauty of dynamic lines,sprawls upward indoors,which adds the romantic flavor.The treads, with original color, make you feel the warmness of the family.

    The gray stainless steel raining, with the quality of refined metal,extends upstairs,lithe and graceful,no matter from which angle to appreciate it.
Case Two:

    The stair is installed along the wall. Metal gray stringer, clear glass treads and handrail, coincide with the indoor simple decoration color,without any sense of incompatibility. The light from grand crystal chandelier and wall lamps intervein together,bright and graceful. The railing are assembled, not welded, fast and convenient.

    The above are Demose engineer cases,graceful and fashionable,which is not only the tool to connected with the space of downstair and upstair,but also an art to upgrade the comfort of life with practical and ornamental value.