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Stairs platform designs

Stairs platform designs

Stairs platform designsMost Councils have adopted the BCA Regulations for the spacing, position and installation of stainless wire balustrading. A few have their own particular requirements and we recommend that you check with your local council’s building department before commencing this work.
If the bottom of your deck is less than 1 metre off the ground, then the Regulations will not apply to you. You can decide the most appropriate level of safety, wire spacing, and how many support posts you use on your balustrade.
If your deck has a drop off more than 1 metre to the area below and less than 4 metres you will need to fit your wires and posts according to BCA Regulations. In order to satisfy the 2009 BCA Regulations for a horizontal wire balustrade your system must not exceed the maximum deflections.
If your deck has a drop off more than 4 metres to the area below, you are not allowed to use horizontal wires and instead they will need to be vertical or you can use a mesh infill. Runs of wire can only be installed in straight lines and must be terminated at each corner. We recommend a maximum length of any run to be 10 meters. If you have a straight line of over 10 meters you should terminate on one side of a centre post and start a new run on the other.