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Staircase—— the Essence of the Duplex Department

Staircase—— the Essence of the Duplex Department

     In the modern duplex department, the staircase is the essence of the whole decoration. The artfully designed staircase can make your house comfortable and cozy.Now, let’s look at the following renderings of staircases in duplex sectors together.
     The spiral staircase,winding upward, makes the best of the space, at the same time full of artistic atmosphere.Fine wire railing with bright and clear glass treads, makes the staircase like bouncing musical notes,ethereal and elegant.
     The transparency is the special cognition of glass railing. Every parts of the staircase can be seen clearly.Besides,the glass railing is easy to maintain,and eternally renewed.
      In the indoor corner, the staircase is estimated wooden treads of warm color and transparent glass guardrail, which is not only space-saving but also good-looking.
     Seeing the staircase from every angle, you can find the open style staircase bright.Dark wooden treads,whose wood is solid and texture is natural,make you feel delighted and make the whole living room more beautiful as well.