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Stainless steel stair armrest maintenance

Stainless steel stair armrest maintenance

As the standard of living continues to be mentioned, stainless steel is known in various forms and is used in our daily life to add a lot of convenience to our life. In life, stainless steel stair armrests have long been exposed to the air without shelter and avoided contact in life. For a long time, they will be oxidized to a small rust point. Learn the following tips to avoid rust.
One: Do not scratch
When cleaning the stainless steel surface, avoid surface scraping phenomenon. Do not use bleach ingredients and abrasive scrubbers, steel ball, grinding tools, etc.. In order to remove the scrubbers, the surface can be washed with a lot of water after using the washing liquid.
Two:With a pair of washing
When removing oils, oils, and lubricants from stainless steel surfaces, alcohol or organic solvents(ether, benzene) can be used, wiped with a clean, soft cloth, cleaned with neutral detergent or ammonia solution or with a special detergent.
There:Regular cleaning
Although stainless steel is resistant to corrosion, it is inevitably oxidized when exposed to air for a long time. Therefore, the stainless steel surface must be regularly cleaned and maintained to maintain its smooth surface can extend the service life. When dust and dirt are found on the surface of stainless steel, washing with soap, weak detergent or warm water can also make stainless steel stair armrests a new look.
Four: Warm water rinse
When bleach and a variety of acids stick to the stainless steel surface, rinse immediately with water, then dip in ammonia or neutral soda solution, and then rinse with neutral detergent or warm water.
The above is the way to maintain the stainless steel stair armrest. Friends who want to know more about stainless steel stair armrest products or those who need to customize stainless steel stair armrest can contact us directly with Foshan Demose.