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Stainless steel railing guardrail installation method

Stainless steel railing guardrail installation method

   The conventional installation method is divided into five steps: installation of embedded parts → release line → fixed column → handrail and column connection → interface processing.
     Installation of embedded parts (post-embedded parts): The installation of the embedded parts of the railings can only be carried out by means of post-embedded parts. The method is to use the expansion bolts and steel plates to make the rear connecting parts, first put the line on the civil construction base, and determine Position the column at the fixed point, then drill the hole with the impact drill on the ground, and then install the expansion bolt. The bolt is kept at a sufficient length. After the bolt is positioned, tighten the bolt and weld the nut to the screw to prevent the nut and the steel plate from loosening. The above method is also adopted for the connection of the armrest to the wall surface.
     Release: Due to the above-mentioned post-embedded construction, there may be errors. Therefore, before the column is installed, the line should be re-disposed to determine the accuracy of the buried position and the welding pole. If there is any deviation, correct it in time. It should be ensured that the stainless steel columns are all seated on the steel plate and can be welded around.
     Installation of the column: When welding the column, it is necessary to cooperate with two people. One can hold the steel pipe to keep it vertical, and it can't shake when welding. The other person applies welding, and it should be welded around and should meet the welding specifications.
     Handrail and column connection: Before the column is installed, the wire is laid by the extension line, and the groove is machined at the upper end according to the inclination angle of the site and the roundness of the handrail used. Then put the handrail directly into the groove of the column, and install the spot welding from one end to the other end. The adjacent handrails are installed correctly and the seams are tight. After the adjacent steel pipes are butt jointed, the joints are welded with stainless steel welding rods. Before welding, the oil, burrs, rust spots, etc. within the range of 30 to 50 mm on each side of the weld must be removed.
     Grinding and polishing: After all the welding, the weld is flattened with a hand grinder until the weld is not visible. Polished with a flannel wheel or felt for polishing, and the corresponding polishing paste is used until it is almost the same as the adjacent base metal, and the weld is not visible.