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Stainless steel guardrail column

Stainless steel guardrail column

    Stainless steel guardrail columns are widely used in stairways, railings, handrails, and handrails. The materials are mainly 201 and 304. The column of the stainless steel guardrail column is cut from stainless steel, and accessories such as glass clips and studs are added. The height of the stainless steel guardrail column is generally between 85mm and 1050mm, which can be selected according to the specific use occasion.

Divided by column shape:
    1, tubular column, ordinary square tube, round tube for the column body, simple style, affordable
    2, flat steel column, slab column body. Commonly there are two kinds of single steel plate columns and double steel plate columns.
    3, shaped column, unconventional shape column. For example, the groove is used for fixing, and is mainly used for the railing handrail of the floor-standing glass style, and the advantage is that it is convenient and quick, and can effectively save time and cost.

According to the handrail style:

    1. Stainless steel hanging glass column. The glass is fixed using a stainless steel glass clip.
    2, stainless steel through the pipe column. The column body has a tube clamp, which is usually 4 perforations, and generally wears 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 19mm small tubes.

Divided by surface treatment:

    1. Primary color stainless steel column. Surface treatment is brushed, matt, mirrored, etc.
    2, titanium stainless steel column. The surface of the metal is chemically treated with a layer of titanium gold, which is used for fine decoration, such as villas, hotels, exhibition halls and other places.
    3. Spray stainless steel column. Common is black spray.
    In fact, the styles of stainless steel guardrail columns are similar, and customers in need can choose according to their own needs and preferences. Since most of the stainless steel guardrail column styles are not in stock, it is necessary to make an early request to the merchant when ordering, so as not to delay the progress of the decoration.