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Stainless steel column style recommendation

Stainless steel column style recommendation

   Common stainless steel columns on the market have 201 and 304 materials, often used in stairs, guardrails, railings, handrails, stainless steel columns can play a good supporting role in the hand of stairs, stainless steel columns are generally 85cm-120cm between. It is often fixed by welding or screw. According to the shape, it can be divided into three types: tubular column, flat steel column and special-shaped column; Stainless steel columns have a variety of styles and can be selected according to their needs. Let's go see some stainless steel columns.
One: Stainless steel solid plate column

   The left figure is a pull rod column, and the right figure is a hanging glass column. This kind of stainless steel vertical column gives people a simple and modern feeling, and stainless steel has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and long service life. It can be exposed to the sun and rain outdoors without the phenomenon of hot expansion and cooling of wooden armrests, so it is a good choice for outdoor installation.
Two:Stainless steel wooden column

   Stainless steel columns were matched with solid wood. Added Chinese classical flavor. However, because wood is a natural material that is easily affected by the outside world, long-term sun and rain showers may cause wood paint to burst or even fall off, so it is not suitable for outdoor installation.

   The above styles are more common in our lives. If you need or want to know more about stainless steel vertical column products, you can click on the product guide of our Demose website navigation bar to select your favorite products. You can also consult our online customer service.