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Stainless steel banister handrails

Stainless steel banister handrails

    With the continuous improvement of living standards, stairs are no longer a luxury in the construction industry. Not only in public places a lot of self-built houses, villas, duplex houses can see the emergence of stainless steel railings stair handrails. Stainless steel is popular because of its good corrosion resistance, long service life, style type, use and wide application range. Different decorate a style to be able to match of stainless steel baluster stair handrail is different also.
    Stainless steel railings are very suitable for outdoor and balcony installations. Compared with iron railings staircase, long-term rain erosion is not easy to rust. Compare with woodiness stair cleanness is convenient, long-term trample also not easy occurrence out of shape.
    Stainless steel baluster stair handrail design is novel, type is diversiform, have pull lever baluster, elegant concise steel cable baluster, fashionable and novel glass baluster. Each one has its own features, not only connecting the upper and lower levels of the important passage is also, but also a key decoration of the house.
    Stainless steel ladder is in recent years the new pet of stair industry, stainless steel ladder is swept convenient, line feeling is strong. Stainless steel baluster stair chooses the step plate of glass mostly, the hardness of glass is big bear heavy ability strong, especially now technology is ceaseless progress glass is appeared even if the problem such as burst does not become very sharp glass broken bits.
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