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Spiral Stairs Kit Suits Elderly and Children

Spiral Stairs Kit Suits Elderly and Children

Q. Can you manufacture stairs to suit elderly or mobility impaired people?

A. If you require stairs to suit the elderly or mobility impaired, please let us know. We can lower the rise to make it much easier to walk up and even increase the tread depth to allow for a safer travel up or down.

What's more, for small children and pets, DEMOSE recommends that you order and install in-between spindles. Our 5'0" and 5'6" diameter CODE stair kits come standard with triple in-between spindles, which provide less than a 4" spacing between verticals. All the tread boards come with anti-slip strips to help prevent skidding. In addition, you may want to use a gate at the top of the stair. Of course, as with any staircase (straight or spiral), you should never leave small children unattended on or near it.

Spiral Stairs Kit Suits Elderly and Children