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Spiral Stair-Adding New Color To Its Space

Spiral Stair-Adding New Color To Its Space

As the spirit of duplex house,a set of spiral stairs can add to the agility of space effectively,putting the finish touch on house decoration.

  As an important passage in houses,the design for stairs must be reasonable.Some designers have mistaken ideas about the design for stair.They think the design for stair is simply designing the structure and dimension.Actually,it is a narrow thought.A set of stairs contains many things,ranging from the style of the whole space and the form of railing to the pattern of handrail,tread and lamp.

Spiral Stair-Adding New Color To Its Space

The design will fail without any one of them.Furthermore,the stair should not only be novel and fashionable,it should also be in accord with the size of indoor space.Although spiral stairs,straight-flight stairs,curved stairs and shaped stairs are popular types at present,the stair should be chosen according to proper size of space.For example,if the house is relatively small,it is proper to choose spiral stairs,straight-flight stairs and shaped stairs.If the space is large enough,grand curved stairs can be taken into consideration.

  When it comes to stair type for small space,spiral stair enjoys most favor among consumers because its winding and agile pattern gives third dimension and sense of depth to the narrow small space.What’s more,varieties of steel structure materials add to the rigidity of spiral stairs.With hardness and softness,spiral stair writes an original chapter for house and life.