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Space-saving stairs are right next to you

Space-saving stairs are right next to you

    There are many types of stairs, and you can choose the right type of stairs according to the place of use. The common stair materials on the market are mainly solid wood and stainless steel. The stainless steel stairstock is stable and has a long service life. A lot of consumers love it. As people pursue higher and higher quality of life, the three-dimensional apartment has attracted more people's attention. The small-sized duplex houses have gradually become people's choices. So today we recommend a kind of spiral staircase that can save space.
Spiral staircase - introduction
    1. Spiral stairs are not suitable for use as pedestrian traffic or evacuation stairs. However, due to their beautiful lines and space saving, they are often used in office buildings, residential buildings with low floors, or in small courtyards.
    2, the spiral staircase it occupies a small area, the minimum size of the hole can reach 1300 * 130CM; currently the market is more common for the Chinese-style spiral staircase, its bearing point is only one, so the situation requires the outside to walk, the most The good bearing capacity is around 150-200KG.
Spiral staircase - design
    The center column is the main support of the spiral staircase. The stair treads are hovered around the center column, and the plane is round. The material is very different. It is usually made of solid wood and glass, which can present a unique aesthetic. For the comfort of walking, the step height of 15-20 cm is the most suitable for people to walk.
Design considerations for the spiral staircase
    For families with children or the elderly, the design details need us to pay more attention; the stairs should not be too narrow and too steep, and safety rails should be installed to ensure safety, which can also improve the safety of the stairs and allow rotation. The stairs are more secure and secure.