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Solutions for Elderly People Climbing Stairs

Solutions for Elderly People Climbing Stairs

There are many problems for elderly people climbing stairs.  In fact, 30 percent of people over age 65 and 50 percent over age 80 will fall once during the next year. Some of those falls are the result of dangers from stairs. 25 percent of seniors who suffer a hip fracture will die within one year.  Often hip fractures are the result of falls. Since stairs can be a major obstacle for many seniors and elderly people, it is vital stairs are as safe as possible.

DEMOSE as the manufacturer of staircases, we always focus on the comfort and safety of stairs. 

Here are 8 tips for making stairs safer for seniors
1. Stairs should be well lit. Place a light switch near the top and bottom of the stairs.
2. Make sure there are no nails or screws sticking up that an elderly person could catch a shoe on.
3. Get rid of thick carpets and pads.  These can make stair climbing more difficult for the elderly.
4. Never place small throw rugs near the top and bottom of the stairs and make sure the floors are not highly waxed near the stairs.
5. Do not put small items , such as toys, on the stairs that seniors could trip over.
6. Seniors should not climb stairs holding items they can not see over or around.
7. Seniors should never rush up and down stairs for any reason such as answering a phone.  Always take your time.
8. Install a sturdy hand railing at least 36 to 39 inches tall that seniors can grab.  Anyone over 60 should get in the habit of holding on to railings.
There are other solutions for stair climbing difficulties
1. A Stair Lift

Thanks for the development of technology, some innovative products come out. One of these is the stair climber. These are now much easier to install and use.  Seniors can navigate the newer models with a little practice.  Many come with seat belts which give seniors who are afraid of heights and falling more confidence. Stair lifts will automatically stop if they detect anything on the stairs.  This feature will help prevent an accident.

Solutions for Elderly People Climbing Stairs


2. Elevators