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Small household stair customization

Small household stair customization

In many cases, two aspects are considered in the customization of small domestic stairs. One aspect is appearance. On the other hand, it is cost-effective.
First, appearance matters.
The environment arranged at home will greatly affect one's mood and life state. On the appearance, not to say that all the family like it, but it must not be a nuisance to some people. If it is not in line with the public aesthetic taste, but as long as the family likes it, it is OK to be happy.
The appearance mainly focuses on shape and color.
In terms of shape, straight ladder, L-shaped ladder, U-shaped ladder, arc-shaped staircase and rotary staircase, different shapes are selected according to the spatial conditions and preferences of the layout. I have to say that the options are still abundant.
The color is more casual. Versatile color is good, the choice of preference is also OK, can not hold your mind, you can also see the color board slowly pick. Warm and light color, fashionable metal color, love characteristic, you can install LED lights with different colors on the stairs. In this way, in the night, also does not hinder the appreciation of the beauty of their own stairs~

Second, cost performance should also be considered.
For home furnishing, most families are concerned about quality and cheap. The balance between the two is very important. After all, expensive does not necessarily mean good quality, but very cheap home staircases are also very uneasy to use.
Materials, you can choose stainless steel, A3 steel, solid wood, glass and so on. Different material specifications, different prices. It is a normal thing to want good quality, but in the pursuit of cost-effective, not to the best and most expensive material, but suitable for their own enough. For example, when ordinary household choose stainless steel material, it is OK to use SUS 304. The pursuit of better quality of SUS 316L is bound to be more expensive.
The customization of small family staircases will be more detailed and energy consuming. But it is Demose's honor to send a staircase that meets the customer's wishes to every household. In the future, Demose  will serve the customers wholeheartedly.
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