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Roof railing

Roof railing

There are many common styles of roof railings, which are durable and cost-effective. However, if you want a different roof railing, here are two more special styles.
The first "wire drawing and glass" railing is good-looking and practical. Some people like to build swimming pools on the roof. In order to prevent the water drops from splashing across the boundary and affecting the downstairs, glass railings are installed to block water and prevent rust. In the rest area slightly away from the pool, arc-shaped stainless steel wire drawing railings can be used, which is cost-effective and more consistent with the arc-shaped platform.

The second "led plus glass" railing, beautiful and luxurious. Exquisite frameless glass railing with only one stainless steel handrail. In the dark night, brilliantly illuminated. Enjoy the stars on the bright roof, or look at the heavy traffic in the distance, chat with friends and family, blow the night breeze, relax and enjoy it.

There are many styles of roof railings.  Special or ordinary, two styles of roof railings can be customized at Demose. However, no matter what kind of railings, Demose will pay attention to the safety performance of the railings and consider them carefully.