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Preparation and Procedure for the Installation of Lawn Fence

Preparation and Procedure for the Installation of Lawn Fence

  Stipulation for the installation of lawn fence

  1.Lawn fence will have an impact on road construction so normally we should install the fence after the road construction has been completed.

  2.The installation of lawn fence must be designed strictly before installation.

  3.The preparation before construction is very important.

  The preparation of instruments and materials

  1.The confirmation of the type of lawn fence

  2.The preparation of materials:wirerope,column,bracket,rope end anchor device.

  3.The preparation of construction instruments:wirerope cutter,tension device,anchor device,pile driver,measuring tools,tongs,hammer,spanner,spade and pickax.

  The lofting of lawn fence

  1.Set control points on road section where lawn fence will be installed like bridges,culvert,passage,median opening,grade separation and grade intersection.Then measure the distance between control points.

  2.The location of end posts,central end posts and central posts is adjusted and fixed according to the measured distance and the distribution of control points.

  3.Try to know the position of underground pipelines and structure after ascertaining the position of lawn fence post for rational disposal.