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No cement foundation stairs

No cement foundation stairs

   The non-cement basic stairs are common in villas and duplex. The use of this kind of stair armrest in life can improve the utilization rate of housing space; Maintenance and replacement are also convenient. When you want to change the style of the stairs, disassemble and reinstall quickly. Today I 'd like to recommend some stainless steel staircases without concrete foundation.
One: Single keel

   The handrail of the stainless steel staircase is supported by a single keel bracket. This staircase holds the bottom of the keel vertically on the ground with a screw, and the pedal is perforated at the bottom and fixed with the keel. If one side is designed against the wall, additional load-bearing accessories will be added to increase the stability of the stairs.
Two: Double steel plates

    As shown in the picture, the stainless steel plate clamping glass process leaves a groove that can fix the glass in the lower steel plate. After placing the glass in the groove, it will also fill the gap with special glue in order to improve the stability of the stairs.
Three: Hide the keel

   This kind of staircase hides the keel on one side of the wall and installs a staircase accessory for fixing on one side of the wall, making the stairs look like a semi-suspended state with a simple fashion sense.
After learning about these stainless steel stair armrests without cement foundation, do you want to have such a stair armrest? To learn more about stainless steel stair