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Material introduction of stair armrests

Material introduction of stair armrests

     As the national economy continues to rise, people's living standards are constantly improving and more people are beginning to choose duplex apartments and villas; The pursuit of house decoration is also getting higher and higher. Among them, stair armrests play an important role in connecting the upper and lower floors of these houses, and the impact on the overall decoration style can not be ignored. So today small editor to introduce you to the stair handrails have what material.

One: Wooden stair rails

    The wooden stair armrest uses the whole wood material, has the ancient fragrance ancient color characteristic can match the Chinese style of decoration very well. Now common on the market are oak, teak, etc., each wood has its own unique texture and color. However, because it is a purely natural material used, there will be unavoidable wooden eyes and color differences. Real wood is rarely used outdoors because it is easily deformed by the sun and rain.
Two: Iron staircase handrails

     Iron staircase handrails are galvanized iron and lacquer treatment to complete iron rust prevention and coloring. The price of iron armrest is relatively economical but the process is not fine enough, so it is more suitable for public places such as office space.
Three: aluminum art stair armrest

    One of the great advantages of aluminum stair armrests is that they are strong in hardness but light in weight, and aluminum has better corrosion resistance and is suitable for installation in coastal areas. But to do good quality prices will be relatively high.
Four: Stainless steel stair armrest

   Stainless steel stair armrest has the characteristics of good corrosion resistance, long service life, easy cleaning maintenance and convenient installation, and is loved by consumers. Stainless steel stair armrest style many, can be used in the house with a variety of simple decoration style appears to be atmosphere concise; Used for outdoor long-term sun and rain and easy to clean and maintain. Stainless steel stair armrest style and wide use is now indoor and external stair armrest rail good choice.
      The above is the material of the most common stair armrest on the market. I wonder if you have seen the favorite? To learn more about the style of the stainless steel stair armrest, click on the Demose navigation bar above to understand, or consult online customer service.