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Master the two "giants" of the stairs

Master the two "giants" of the stairs

    Stair material
    Solid wood stairs —— is a traditional stair material, it can be said that solid wood is the material used to build stairs. The craftsmanship of the solid wood staircase is fine and classical, giving a soft visual experience. However, solid wood is a natural raw material. In the construction process, there may be an inevitable color difference problem, and it is one of the most vulnerable materials in the stairs. Kind.

    Wrought Iron Stairs——In comparison, the cheapest stairstock material is often used to build industrial stairs. Iron art gives people a feeling of being cold and not high-grade, and it is easy to rust due to raw material problems.


    Stainless steel stairs——stainless steel is the most used in the household goods and building materials industry. Stainless steel raw materials have high stability and plasticity. Through multi-process treatment, it has good rust resistance both indoors and outdoors. Corrosion resistance, and the plasticity of the stainless steel material can be matched with glass or solid wood, so that the stair style is no longer a single dull, it is a cost-effective staircase choice.

   Stair type style
   When choosing the style of the staircase type, the most important thing is to first define the overall decoration style. After clearing the style, it is necessary to know how much space is available for the interior of the stairs, and the stairs are in the position of the house. Knowing these basics can prevent unsatisfactory phenomena after the stairs are installed.
   The general style of the stairs is divided into two categories, one is the Chinese tradition, and the other is the novel and fashionable type of stairs. If the space of the house is small, you can choose a simple and simple staircase. The biggest function of the stairs is for people to walk, so the comfort and safety of walking on the stairs is very important. The families with children and the elderly should try to avoid those small rotating staircases. The stairs can walk less and the safety is lower. .
   The above are the two most important considerations for the purchase of stairs. Customers who need more stairs related to purchasing expertise can directly consult our online customer service.