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Mall stainless steel glass railings

Mall stainless steel glass railings

   Shopping malls are crowded public places. Stairs are an important passage in shopping malls and a key safe passage for emergency evacuation. Regardless of the material, installation, design aspects of the store stainless steel glass stair guardrail requirements are higher than the ordinary home guardrail. According to the "General Principles of Civil Building Design", the height of the railings should exceed the height of the body's center of gravity. In public places with children, it is best to add anti-climbing designs.
   Stainless steel glass railings in shopping malls use tempered glass. The various properties of tempered glass are better and safer, and they have better impact resistance when they encounter collisions. The most common style of stainless steel glass guardrails in shopping malls is column CLIP glass, which is fixed by solid stainless steel columns. Such practical practicality is high and stable.
   The stainless steel glass railings of shopping malls have long been in wet and polluted environments, and their quality requirements are higher than those of ordinary family pillars. Demose uses 304 stainless steel raw materials, which have good corrosion resistance and long service life. There will be no big problems if they are not intentionally scratched.
   Since shopping malls are densely populated public places and are the most prone to safety accidents, the requirements for these safety facilities are also higher. Since its establishment, Demose has focused on the production and sales of hardware products. From the purchase of raw materials, product sales to after-sales service, we have constantly improved ourselves and improved ourselves.Contact our online customer service if you need it.