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Lighting a beautiful home life - stainless steel railing stairs

Lighting a beautiful home life - stainless steel railing stairs

      With the continuous improvement of living standards, people's pursuit of quality of life is getting higher and higher. Today, I would like to introduce home stairs to you. In recent years, the demand for duplex houses, villas and self-built houses has been increasing. The development of the stair industry has also attracted more people's attention. Among them, the stainless steel railing stairs have novel style and corrosion resistance. The long service life is highly sought after by the stair market.
      The home improvement stairs are divided into two general categories: one is the cement-free foundation, the second is the cement-structured staircase, and the cement-free stairs can better adapt to various places and the maintenance and replacement are more convenient. Nowadays, the steel staircase is very popular in the market. The side panels of the double steel plate are matched with the glass pedal and the stainless steel railing. The atmosphere is fashionable and clean and convenient. It is a good choice for home decoration.
      The height of the general home improvement railing is between 85mm and 110mm. The wall thickness of the key force column should not be less than 1.5mm, and the conventional rod should not be less than 1.2mm. The style of the railing is divided into frameless glass railings and conventional guardrails. You can choose your favorite style according to the style. With the continuous advancement of t echnology, the safety, impact resistance and stability of tempered glass have been greatly improved. When the strong impact, the glass breaks and does not become sharp glass slag is not easy to hurt.
      Stainless steel railings are also available in two styles: drawbars and steel cords. These stainless steel railings are simple and modern, and the styles can be combined with a variety of decoration styles. Customers who need to know more about stainless steel railing stair products can directly consult our online customer service. Dedicated to bring you a good shopping experience.