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How to install railings of different materials

How to install railings of different materials

    1、 the iron railing: the railing and the base are connected, there are several ways:
    a. Insertion type: pierce the flat iron and barbed iron pieces into the reserved hole of the base, and fill and solidify with cement mortar or fine stone concrete slurry.
    b. Welded type: Weld the railing column (or pole) on the iron plate, casing and other iron parts embedded in the base.
    c. Bolted type: It can be spliced ​​by the pre-embedded screw, or the bottom of the base plate can be fastened by the bottom nut. The above method also applies to laterally inclined iron railings.
    2、 reinforced concrete railings: multi-purpose prefabricated poles, the lower end is connected with the pedestal ribs or the pre-embedded iron pieces, and the upper end is connected with the steel bars in the concrete handrails and poured.
    3、the wooden railings: mainly based on splicing. If it is a column, the bottom of the column should be inserted into the inclined beam of the stairs, and then the handrail should be connected to the column.
    4、 the bar type railing: cast-in-place or prefabricated reinforced concrete slab and steel mesh slab, or brick. Indoors can also be considered using tempered glass and plexiglass.
    5、Handrails: Mostly wooden, commonly used wood screws are fixed on the long flat iron bars at the top of the poles (the joints are made when the wooden poles are used); they can also be fixed by metal welding and screws or with metal as the bone lining. Wood and plastic finishes, or concrete pouring, terrazzo plastering, etc. The section method and scale should be based on the function.
    6 、other: more related information or specific manufacturing according to the situation of the home, such as Foshan Dimes Hardware Company, etc. to provide customized needs, according to customer needs for design and decoration, consulting professionals will supply Detailed answer.