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How to determine the height of indoor handrails?

How to determine the height of indoor handrails?

The stairs are used to connect and run between the floors. They are like a transportation tool between the floors. Handrails are made to protect people. Practicality is the biggest feature it presents. Nowadays, handrails gradually get rid of the fixed needs of the era when materials are especially in shortage. People begin to pay more attention to ornamental, safety and comfort. In terms of comfort, what is the standard height of indoor handrails? And how to determine the height of handrails in your house?

1、 Standard height of indoor handrails

In accordance with the current installation of the latest indoor handrail height, handrails are generally 90 cm off the ground, that is to say, the distance from the stairway to the armrest is 90 cm. The lower body length of Asian is generally 80-90 cm. So the standard height 90cm is just fit to our body and it also ensure safety to the maximum. However, Special implementation will be made in case of special condition. When the length of the stair is up to 5 meters or longer, the height of the armrest can be adjusted to 100cm. This is because when the length of the stair is too long, the shorter the armrest, the less safer.

2、The height of indoor handrails under different circumstances

There is no constant thing living in this complex world. We should all learn to adapt to the environment under different circumstances because only those who adapt will survive. It’s the same for deciding the height of handrails. Circumstances differ in each house so if we set a conclusion to all cases and turn our back to practical situations, that would create a less comfortable service to the customers. What should we especially pay attention to when we install indoor handrails?

Above all, the first thing to consider is the body constitution of your family such as the height. There are generally children and the elderly people in most families so when we install handrails we should ensure they are comfortable with the handrails. In this case, the height of the handrails should be lower than average. Besides, the blank space between the vertical rod of the handrail should not be over 11cm and the ground clearance must not exceed 10 cm so as to ensure safety.

Another point is that the height of the handrails in the interior of the Xiaoyanglou type building should be adjusted according to the floor height. The higher the height of the stair railings, the higher the height of the installation should be to ensure that the human body is within the protection of the safety fence. However, we need to pay attention to the fact that the height of the stair railings cannot be arbitrarily upward, according to the national "civilian According to the General Principles of Architectural Design, the height of the railing cannot exceed 120 cm, so we must pay attention to these.