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How to design small space stairs

How to design small space stairs

  As the living area is decreasing gradually,stair has become a big set of furniture needed to be improved urgently in some duplex houses.Meanwhile,small space stair has become more and more popular among consumers.

  How to design a set of small space stair has become one of the projects to which modern stair designer devote themselves.Only when a set of stair is up to certain dimension,can its safety be guaranteed.Under certain dimension stair designers can only try to reduce sense of oppression through structure and visual effect.Glass stairs and steel structure stairs are common small space stairs.Make transparent stair treads to reduce spacial oppression and then it can achieve a perfect combination of space and structure.

  Glass has good effect for its transparentness while being used for stair decoration.There are mosaic glass and sand blasted glass on the market.They can be used for stair handrail.A better usage is to make stair treads hollow and embed light tubes.Use special glass for treads to make luminous stairs.This way,stairs will be practical with unexpected artistic effect.