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How to control and manage after-sale service?

How to control and manage after-sale service?

No matter what kinds of products you sale, no matter which industry you are in, as a salesman, more or less you might touch after-sale service in your working life.

 How to control and manage after-sale service?

A. What is after-sales service? Is it scary?
After-sales service are divided into 2 kinds: one is defective products that cannot satisfy our clients; the other is customer maintenance.
After-sales service caused of defective products and carelessness of a salesman is very difficult to be solved. The other one is customer maintenance, which is easy to be handle and control, if we do well, it can bring us more new projects and clients.
B. How to take precautions against bad after-sales service?
1 You should be bold but cautious as a salesman; It will be bad if careless when goods delivered. It would be better check the goods first at factory to make sure everything is fine, then take photos of the goods details as much as possible to prevent any further troubles in transportation.
2  Please must be assured that Instructions for use and maintenance are sent to clients and remind them to check. Besides, paper work should be done well and shipped with the goods to make sure customers really know how to use and maintain to avoid further problems in the future.
3 updating accordingly mark as per packing lists, so you can check easily and calculate the ctn number and quantity.

C. Get feedbacks and installation track.
Customers may not give your feedbacks if you do not email them or call them, so we must to be active and ask about the progree of installation to get some feedbacks.
The benefits we can create from this: first, get along well with our clients and let them remember us; second, it may bring us more projects and new order if our services be good.