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How to choose the right stair handrail

How to choose the right stair handrail

As our living standards continue to improve, so do the housing conditions we live in. The places where people live and enter are no longer confined to a single suite, and with the emergence of duplex apartments and villa structures, the home decoration industry has gradually developed along with the real estate market, and the development of the staircase industry is also obvious to everyone. So how should we choose the right stair rail for our house in the face of numerous staircase structures and styles?
One: Choose the type of stair handrail
The type of stair armrest can be divided into two categories: cement foundation ladder and cement-free foundation ladder; There is a cement foundation ladder is in the original staircase on the basis of the stairs guardrail can be added. Stairs without a cement base are a popular choice in the market today because it is not limited by the venue, and its style and structure are more suitable for various home environments. And the late maintenance and replacement of relative convenience is a good choice of modern home stairs.

Two: Choose the material of stair handrail
Nowadays, there are commonly iron art, glass, solid wood, aluminum, polymer and stainless steel stair armrests on the market. These stair armrests of these materials have their own characteristics. We can choose according to our personal preferences and the decoration style of the house. Among them, stainless steel stair handrails have good corrosion resistance, long service life, and wide range of application characteristics and are widely loved. It is generally composed of three parts: armrest, column, and base. This kind of stainless steel staircase armrest is easily installed, the maintenance in the later period is simple, the requirements for transportation conditions are not high, and the price is moderate, thus becoming the new darling of the stair armrest industry..

Three: choose the style of stair armrest
It is on the basis of material and type, select a specific staircase style, color, and collocation. This can be carried out according to the overall style and preferred style of home wear, choosing to select the appropriate and like stair handrails in the product materials provided by the merchants.

The above is the small editor wants to share with you the method of choosing stair armrest, do not know whether to help you? For more information about stair armrest consultations, you can check with our online customer service or call Demose's hotline to help you with your needs.