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Home staircase design

Home staircase design

The design of the stairs in the home not only needs to show the beauty of the combination of its own shape and material, but also must match the surrounding environment to add brilliance to the space and create a personalized and charming home life.
Classic black and white combination collides with unlimited wonderful
       Demose designers chose black and white to match the design of the stairs, solid stainless steel plate and warm marble pedals give a vivid visual experience, and the combination of these two materials also complement each other. The bright mirror-like glass railings subtly reduce the heavy feel of the entire staircase, and the living room is also more artistic because of this staircase.
Soft curves outline the beauty of fashion
       Rotating trapezoids always show different styles. In the spacious living room, the stairs rotate up the arc and connect the previous floor in series. The pedals with anti-slip design extend slowly around the center column. The metal-gray double steel plate has a magnificent atmosphere. The stair railings are made of exquisite stainless steel brushed railings, which are more flexible and light.
Vintage material creates an elegant artistic sense
       The wrought-iron spiral staircase in the living room, the pedals made of solid wood, the texture is clear and natural. The railing of the stairs is a vertical wrought iron railing with delicate patterns. The handrails are also made of solid wood material with a warm and comfortable feel, creating a retro and elegant artistic sense.