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Five main points on how to quickly accept the quality of sta

Five main points on how to quickly accept the quality of sta

The quality of stair handrail not only depends on the materials,more importantly,it also depends on the performance standards of stair handrail in the process of installation.The installation of stair handrail directly influence its safety.So how to inspect and accept the quality of stair handrail? Then we’re going to introduce to you five main points on how to quickly accept the quality of stair handrail.

  The installation requirements and inspection standards for stainless steel stair handrail are as follows.

  1.The installation of stainless steel stair handrail and baluster should be proceeded from the starting point according to the requirements and construction ink line.The balusters at both ends of stair starting point should be installed first.The installation method includes welding and bolt fastening.

  2.The stainless steel stair handrails are usually installed by welding.The welding rod must be the same as parent material.The installation must start with the initial connector bends before straightening the railings.The railing connector should be shorn right according to the required angle and be filed with metal file lest the shearing should be wrong and result in the railing bent and in difficulty of installation.First fix the initial connector bends and railing balusters by spotwelding while installing.Then weld securely after inspecting without any faults.

  3.After finishing installing connector bends,fix the straight handrails and balusters at either end by spotwelding temporarily.Meanwhile,joint the straight handrail with head at one end and then spotweld securely with 2-3mm welding seam left at the connector of handrails.After that,pull through wires and fix the handrails and each baluster securely by spotwelding.Weld securely the connectors,the handrails and balusters one by one according to the welding requirements after inspecting and being in accordance with requirements.

  4.While welding,the current,the voltage and temperature of welding must be appropriate lest the quality and beauty of welding should be influenced by improper current or unstable voltage.The quality of welding should be in accordance with the criterion of related regulations.The width and depth of welding seam should be the same.Also,the surface should be scaly.In addition,the seam of handrails and connectors should be welded strictly.The welding seam should have no distinct deviation.

  5.Plexiglass and other railing panels are embedded into the balusters.These railing panels should be installed after finishing mounting balusters.They must be fixed securely and the uprightness,the levelness and pitch must be in accordance with the design requirements.Embed the panels into the sockets of the balusters on both sides.Embed stereoplasm rubber stick into the aperture on both sides of the sockets and panels.Embed fluid sealant securely after installing handrails.While welding the handrail,the railing panels must be covered with fireproof asbestos cloth for fear that the welding spark might splash and spoil the panels.