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Easily avoid the shopping trap of stair armrests when choosing

Easily avoid the shopping trap of stair armrests when choosing

    In the face of many stair armrests on the market, many people do not know how to buy stair armrests. There are different materials, styles, and various prices. Many people do not have very professional knowledge of stair armrests. So how can you easily avoid the shopping trap of stair armrests when choosing?
Trap 1: Raw material trap

    The common stair armrests in life are stainless steel, glass and solid wood. Among them, the use range of stainless steel stair armrests is the most extensive. We can distinguish between good and bad by its process and weight. Normal stainless steel products will not have uneven surfaces and will have a certain weight, so we must carefully distinguish between products with different prices.
Trap 2: Design Trap

    According to the different structure of the house, the armrests of the stairs are designed according to the actual size. When ordering products, we must pay attention to the height and width of the steps, which directly affects our feelings up and down the stairs; The second is to pay attention to the spacing of the guardrail. Too large an interval will reduce the security of the stair armrest.
Trap 3: Price Trap

    In general, the stair armrests are calculated in meters, and some will calculate the price according to the pedals. At this time, regardless of the method of quotation, they must be carefully calculated.
    The above are common stair armrest shopping traps. When shopping, remember to select a credible brand and easily avoid the stair armrest shopping traps so that you can pick the desired product.