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Duplex stairs are difficult to purchase? Demose to help you

Duplex stairs are difficult to purchase? Demose to help you

    The common duplex small-sized houses are three-dimensional structures. The design of the stairway that wants to make reasonable use of the better planning of the three-dimensional space also needs everyone's attention. Below, Dimes Xiaobian recommended several programs for everyone to see if they can see their favorite design.
Design plan one:
    When designing a double staircase, first consider using a spiral staircase. Because the rotating staircase has a small footprint, the general opening diameter is only 1800-2200mm, which is more space-saving. Since the spiral staircase is a staircase that spirals along the central axis, the height of the stairs is more important when designing. The design must be accurate to avoid the problem of bumping up and down stairs.
Design plan two:
    If you prefer a simpler home style, consider using a simple, simple folding staircase. Such a staircase does not occupy too much space, and the price is relatively economical because the conventional style of the staircase is not so cumbersome. The folding staircase can also be designed to be installed along with the wall, which is also a space-saving style.
Design plan three:
    If you want to be bold and stylish, you can also consider the hidden keel staircase that has been popular in recent years. The biggest feature of this type of staircase is that the space at the bottom of the stairs is the most efficient, and can be used as a TV wall, a storage wall or even a small storage room. These stairs are the best choice for stylish homes.
    At the same time of purchasing the stairs, it is very important that the selection and quality of the stairs are not negligible. The stairs are the only passage for us to go up and down, and it is not as easy to replace as the average home. The design style is also diverse and can be designed according to your favorite style. It can be varied and varied. Therefore, the safety of the stairs is something we can't ignore. We can choose the right stairs to ensure the real value for money.