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Duplex staircase

Duplex staircase

As the duplex building slowly enters the life of the general public, the stairs also appear as an indispensable piece of furniture in the home decoration configuration. Now the stairs are no longer just a tool for connecting upstairs and downstairs. It forms a visual focus that affects the overall home improvement effect and lights up the home life.
Things to pay attention to when designing a home interior staircase:
  First, in order to avoid the illusion when going up and down the stairs, the height of the first step and the last step of the stairs should be consistent with other levels. If you need to change it, it should be controlled within 4 cm, preferably no more than 2 cm to 3 cm.
  Second, the highest level of stairs to the ceiling height, need to have a clearance of more than two meters, the minimum is not less than 1.8 meters. Otherwise it will create a sense of oppression.
  Third, the spacing of the railings: the distance between the center of the two railings is 8 cm, not more than 12.5 cm, so as not to let the children stick their heads out of the gap.
  Fourth, the height of the armrest: to the waist position, 85 ~ 90 cm, the handrail diameter is 5.5 cm.
  Fifth, step height and depth: the step height should be 15~18 cm, and the step depth is 22~27 cm. The order is about 15 steps. If it is too high, you may need to set up a stair rest platform.
  Sixth, the width of the stairs: when the space is empty, the net width is not less than 75 cm; when there are walls on both sides, the net width is not less than 90 cm.
  Seventh, safety: Stair parts should be smooth, round, without protruding, sharp parts. For families with children, the slope of the stairs should be slow and the angle of rotation should not be too large; the stair steps should be anti-slip measures, such as anti-slip strips, anti-slip mats, anti-slip grooves, etc.
  Eighth, stair lighting: the light is too dark to be safe for walking, the lighting is too bright and easy to appear glare. Therefore, the light of the stairs should be soft and clear.
  Ninth, stair style: the design of the stairs should be consistent with the decoration style.
  Tenth, stair noise problem: related to the connection of the stair pedal parts, can not produce excessive noise when using, so as not to affect the rest of family members.
Selection of stair materials:
  In the villas and duplex rooms, the stairs act as a support. Stairs can be decorated with any material in the home improvement, such as solid wood, slate, tiles, etc. In the decoration of the stairs, the key is the design of the stair rails, which is the top priority of the staircase design.
  Use matte stainless steel or other silver shiny metal. If you want to use stainless steel, you can use a matte stainless surface. The ideal material for a stair railing is forged steel, followed by cast iron, then wood, and finally porcelain. The ideal armrest material is wood, followed by stone.
  The building level is often shaped in the building, but there are also many owners who dismantle and reload. Regardless of the shape, if you want to redesign, the ideal material is cement concrete, followed by steel structure, followed by wood, which is mainly considered from the stairs when people walk as little as possible.