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Double staircase type

Double staircase type

    Young people prefer duplex houses, and the stairs naturally become essential furniture. At present, there are many materials used for household stairs, including: glass, stainless steel, marble, iron products and so on. The styles of stairs of different materials are different. So, how do you buy the stairs of a duplex house? Below, Dimes Xiaobian introduces the characteristics of several different material stairs.

1、 stainless steel glass staircase
    The glass staircase is one of the masterpieces of the modern new staircase. The people who buy it are mainly modern young people. Many glass stairs are made of matte, not completely transparent, and the thickness is required to be more than 10mm. As for railings and handrails, it is common to combine glass railings and stainless steel handrails. In general, the glass staircase is light and transparent, durable and easy to clean. However, the glass staircase is easy to cause dizziness, and it is easy to scratch people if the corners are not polished, and the elderly and children are not suitable for use.

2、steel wood stairs
    Steel-wood combined stairs, cost-effective, its pedals generally use solid wood such as eucalyptus, oak, etc., railings often use stainless steel wire railings and glass railings with solid wood handrails, the overall shape is stylish and beautiful, the decoration style has various forms, easy for daily maintenance .


3、 wrought iron stairs
    The wrought iron staircase has a variety of styles of exquisite patterns, with a retro classic meaning. Compared to the wooden staircase, the wrought iron staircase is a bit more agile and lively. However, the anti-rust effect of the wrought iron staircase is not as good as the stainless steel staircase, and its surface needs to be painted with a layer of paint to prevent rust.