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Choose high quality stairs to guard your family's healthy lives

Choose high quality stairs to guard your family's healthy lives

    With the increasing prosperity of the stair armrest market, there are many staircase enterprises, and the price of stair armrest on the market is uneven. Some are enterprises with various quality inspections and full licenses, while others are small workshops. However, most customers will not pay attention to the qualifications of the company when purchasing stairs armrests. As long as the stairs armrests can be used normally and the price is cheap, they will purchase them. We spend most of our day eating, drinking and sleeping at home, where we can relax most, and where there are potential dangers, so how do we prevent these invisible hazards? In the family decoration stair handrails account for a large proportion, perhaps everyone will feel that the stair handrails as long as they are careful up and down the point on it. However, it did not pay attention to the procedures in the stairs armrests.So how do we get to the high quality stair rails?
One: wooden stairs armrests

    The wooden staircase armrests are made of solid wood. Although they are natural materials, they will be painted later. The average company will use environmentally friendly and qualified home paint for coloring but small businesses will use inferior paint to process in order to save production costs and increase product profits. Using the handrails at home can have an impact on our breathing, and over time may cause some underlying illness.
Two: Iron staircase handrails

     In order to extend the service life of the iron staircase handrails and increase the ornamental nature of the iron staircase handrails, manufacturers will paint and electroplate the surface. This is an important process for the iron staircase handrails. If manufacturers in order to speed up the shipping cycle and increase profit space is likely to simplify these two processes, the later iron staircase handrails will Rust, surface paint off the phenomenon.

Three: Stainless steel stair armrest

    Stainless steel raw materials are composed of multiple chemical elements, and then cleaning, hot rolling, cold rolling, grinding and other processes are used for different purposes to make the surface smooth. Stainless steel cleaning often uses chemical detergents. In general, a good stainless steel stair armrest will make the surface smooth and smooth and the cross section will also be handled well. There will be no extra edges to prevent cuts.
We must not only look at the price when shopping for favorite stair armrests. We must carefully understand the relevant situation of the product. We must know that the price and the process must be      proportional to each other. We must choose high-quality stairs and choose reliable staircase manufacturers to make our home a truly safe haven. Choose stainless steel stair handrails. Please trust foshan Demose.