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Beautiful cement foundation stair railing

Beautiful cement foundation stair railing

    Cement foundation stairs are common in self-built houses, villas and public places. The cement foundation stairs are strong and durable, and the scope of application is widely loved by the majority of builders. Because the stairs occupy a large space in the house, and its style is gradually being noticed by people, what kind of cement-based stair railing style is worthy of our choice?
    The cement foundation staircase is based on the traditional formwork construction technology, and the stair tread template is added and reinforced to make the stairs pre-formed. When designing a building with a cement-based staircase, the traditional stair mould is used. When using the formwork to fill the concrete, the embedded part should be buried and the operation is very convenient.
    The cement foundation staircase can be matched with the stainless steel guardrail. The stainless steel has good corrosion resistance, long service life and easy cleaning. Stainless steel guardrails are available in a variety of styles and can be used with any concrete foundation stairs.
    Stainless steel guardrails are divided into brushed guardrails, steel rope guardrails, and glass guardrails. The brushed guardrails are simple and generous, the steel cable guardrails are elegant and simple, and the glass guardrails are fashionable and novel. Different types of guardrails have their own characteristics, which can be selected according to the decoration style of the house. Customers in need can contact our online customer service directly.