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Areas for the selection and installation of balcony railings

Areas for the selection and installation of balcony railings

    The balcony is a place for families to enjoy the scenery, relax and rest, and is the focus of home decoration. So, how should we go through the acceptance of the renovated balcony? The following small series takes the stainless steel railing as an example to share with you some questions about the balcony railing decoration.
1、the selection of materials should be studied
    The type of stainless steel guardrails on the market, the environment and range of stainless steel used in each model are different. The stainless steel railings in the general balcony are outdoor installation products. When choosing stainless steel, you can choose stainless steel railings of type 304 or 316. This type of stainless steel railing is strong in corrosion resistance, impact resistance and negative gravity.
2、the installation should be fine
    The railing of the balcony is the main barrier for safety protection. It is necessary to supervise the steps of installing the railing. The acceptance should be careful. First, fix the embedded parts according to the fixed points on the drawing. After verifying the dimensions, the welding is firm and the adjustment is not suitable.it is necessary to polish the surface waste caused by welding and the unsmooth place at the weld seam, and the place where the anti-rust paint is removed should be brushed. Otherwise, it will be the first place to be eroded. Meticulous. 
    Balcony decoration is a major focus in home decoration. Keeping it clean and beautiful is the basic requirement. Its safety performance is the first priority. Therefore, the installation and acceptance of the balcony guardrail must be strictly controlled.